Converti - Convert Units for iOS

Converti is a simple and minimalistic design units conversion app that lets you quickly convert various units, including save as favorites for later access and units search to easily find the conversion you are looking for.

Appearance style can be customized by changing colors and photo backgrounds.

Included Categories:

    • Area
    • Binary Decimal Hex
    • Cooking (Volume)
    • Digital Size
    • Energy
    • Fuel Consumption
    • Force
    • Length
    • Mass
    • Metric Units
    • Pressure
    • Radiation (Dose)
    • Restaurant Tip Calculation
    • Shoe Sizes
    • Speed
    • Split
    • Temperature
    • Time
    • Torque
    • Typography
    • Volume


    iOS 7, iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s (Optimized)


    Main Conversion Screen

    Start converting by pressing the number pad. 

    Press [cm] to change the From unit. 

    Press [in] to change the To unit. 

    Press and hold conversion area to save to favorites. 

    Press upper left menu button to reveal the categories list. 

    Press upper right plus button to reveal the saved favorites. 


    Left Side Menu

    Access left side menu by pressing the menu button. Select a category of conversion your are looking for.

    Long press and hold to reorder the list. 

    Left swipe and delete a category from the list (deleted category can be retrieved in the Settings). 



    Right Side Menu

    Saved conversion is listed in the right side menu. Select to retrieve the saved conversion. 

    Conversion can be saved for later access by long press and hold the conversion area in the main screen. 

    Press and hold to reorder or left swipe to delete. 



    Customize background image and colors.

    Select side menu background image from the photo library. Conversion screen color can also be changed from the available colors in the Appearance section.




    Search as you type for quick access to the units you are looking for. 

    Select the units from the list to jump to the conversion screen. 


    URL Scheme

    Converti supports number of url schemes that can be used to communicate from other applications or browsers.

    See URL Scheme page for detail.




    Copyright @ 2014 Naohiko Kosaka

    All rights reserved